Hey Nicki & Liz!

Thanks again for having me be a part of such an amazing event that is Music City Yoga Festival. Below are instructions on downloading your photos, as well as some copyright rules and regulations for the images.

              DOWNLOAD HIGH RESOLUTION SHOTS HERE: [click here]
              link expires October 17th

Thanks again for having me, and for what you both do for the community! Glad to call you both friends.


----------------------------important photo and copyright information below - please read

If you choose to post any images on Facebook, please list in the photo or album description [photos taken by by @Daniel C White Photography with @Lindley Battle facebook link] and any other social media properties please link @DanielCWhite w/  @LindleyRebecca [instagram/twitter] as word of mouth is 100% of how I get to continue to do this photography thing that I love. It's easier to list this way as it's too much of a hassle to know who took what, and this is a Daniel C White photography team that I put together and edited for you, so don't sweat the posting. As long as you link the album that way, all good.

Thank you so much, and I hope you [LOVE] your photos and I'm so glad to know you all!

[DISCLAIMER: Please do not add any filters or edits to my photos, and don't screenshot images from this gallery. Also, please only use the high resolution images from the download link above. If these images are used for anything other than social media or website images please request approval]

all rights for images owned by © Daniel C White Photography


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